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Hailing from France, Morphée offers screen-free sleep and relaxation devices that help you and your young ones disconnect, unwind, and get a better night’s sleep. Morphée devices are completely portable, meaning they help you rest well anytime, anywhere. Developed in collaboration with sleep and wellness experts, they also help improve self-awareness and concentration and decrease stress and anxiety.

The Zen is an ultra-portable “pebble” that offers mental wellness training and sleep-focused relaxation sessions, including soothing sounds, music, and voice therapies.

Tech Crunch

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of an internet-connected device for your child, this incredibly cute wooden speaker is styled like a radio but doesn’t connect to anything.


A sleep machine that provides more options and better styling. This clever device lets you choose from nature noises or a slew of guided meditations, and adjust the length of the session, the voice, and more.

The Seattle Times

Experts agree that we shouldn't have phones in our bedrooms. Rather than playing soothing music on your phone, try his device, which offers voice-guided meditation.

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The key to a good night's sleep.

210 meditation sessions and journeys, developed by sleep and relaxation professionals, that help you fall into a restful sleep more quickly and easily. Listen to them on the go or at home.

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My Little Morphée

Help your little ones fall asleep and regain calm.

192 soothing, meditative journeys, songs, and stories designed to help children fall asleep more easily at night and regulate their emotions during the day.

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Morphée Zen

Manage your stress anywhere, in an instant.

72 5-minute-long relaxation, meditation, and sophrology sessions that help you find calm and serenity and reduce anxiety at any point in your day.

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