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Difrax creates products that effortlessly combine parent-friendly functionality with enriching benefits for the development and wellbeing of babies and toddlers.


at a Glance

Sold in 100 countries
Over 40 international awards
55 years of experience

A bit about Difrax

Our Dutch brand Difrax offers a range of world-class baby products designed to support your little one's growth journey. From anti-colic baby bottles to easy acceptance pacifiers and non-spill cups, each product is thoughtfully designed to nurture continuous development and wellbeing. Our products are crafted in collaboration with medical experts, blending beautiful design with a focus on safety and functionality. Made from premium materials, they ensure the utmost comfort and well-being for your baby, while also upholding our commitment to the planet.

The Anti-Colic S-Bottle

Our iconic S-shaped bottle is specially designed to prevent stomach cramps and minimise reflux. Featuring an anti-colic valve positioned at the base of the bottle, the S-shape effectively prevents air intake, ensuring optimal preservation of vitamins and nutrients. With no air bubbles to disrupt the flow, your baby can enjoy their milk without any discomfort, allowing for a smoother feed.

Difrax Pacifiers

Developed in partnership with speech therapists and dentists, Difrax pacifiers are completely safe and comfortable for your baby.  Featuring a butterfly-shaped shield for optimal airflow to keep noses clear and prevent skin irritation, all Difrax pacifiers are taste, odor, and allergy-free, further enhancing your baby's feeding experience.

The Non-Spill Spout Cup

This spill-proof cup is perfect for babies transitioning from bottle to cup. With its ergonomic cone-shaped interior, fluid flows smoothly to the spout, even when the cup is held horizontally, ensuring easy sipping without discomfort.

360-Degree Cup

This ergonomic cup is easy for little hands to hold and perfect for drinking on the go. Its interior tapers from narrow to wide, ensuring that liquid always reaches the brim comfortably, allowing your child to drink without tilting their head back.