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Difrax creates products that are both practical for parents and beneficial for the development and well-being of babies and toddlers.

Our second child was born 5 weeks prem and I was gifted a Difrax pacifier by a friend that raved about the Difrax products. By far the best gift I’ve received! I decided to try out the S-Bottle and it was a total game changer from my experience with my first born - we rarely struggled with wind/burping. Would highly recommend this product, not to mention the amazing service by the Sprout team – thank you!

Adri Clery

Since using the Difrax bottles, my baby is much less gassy and more comfortable after feeds. He burps much easier and is all-round happier.

Yumna Osman

I personally love the difrax bottle. My daughter didn't take any of the bottles we had bought and I was stressing as a working mom who needed to go back to work but still wanted to give her the full benefits of breastmilk. I tried everything 😪 until I came across the Difrax bottles 🍼 first bottle she took and she drank the whole bottle I was in tears 😢 tears of joy.

Sentebaleng Masekela

We love Difrax. It worked perfectly for our firstborn who is soon to be 7. Now that we are expecting our second baby, we have purchased these products again.

Rivonia Naidu-Hoffmeester

Anti-Colic S-Bottle

This iconic S-shaped bottle is specially designed to prevent stomach cramps and unwanted regurgitation. Thanks to an anti-colic valve in the bottom of the bottle, no air can get in, meaning all vitamins and nutrients are completely preserved and your baby can enjoy their milk or formula without any air bubbles. S-bottles are completely demountable, making them extremely hygienic and easy to clean. They come with your choice of 4 soft-coated silicone teats that are easy for young ones to grip and accept, pose no risk of causing latex allergies, and are BPA, odour, and taste-free.

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Difrax Pacifiers

Difrax pacifiers are durable, easily acceptable, and come in 5 sizes, making them suitable for use from birth to around 20 months. Designed in collaboration with speech therapists and dentists, they’re completely safe and comfortable for your baby. Their butterfly-shaped shield leaves noses free, provides optimal airflow, and prevents skin irritation. All Difrax pacifiers are taste, smell & allergy-free.

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Non-Spill Spout Cup

This non-spill cup is perfect for babies transitioning from bottle to cup. Its ergonomic cone-shaped interior helps fluid flow to its spout, even when it’s in a horizontal position, meaning there’s no neck-straining required. It comes with two drinking positions,  ‘slow’ for thin drinks and slow drinkers and ‘fast’ for thick drinks and quick ones. It’s also completely dismountable and dishwasher safe.

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360-Degree Cup

This ergonomic cup is easy for little hands to hold and ideal for drinking on the go. It runs from narrow to wide on the inside, meaning liquid always flows to the brim and your child doesn’t have to hold their head back while drinking. This design also protects against dirt when the cup is not in use. This cup is dishwasher-safe.

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