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Breast Health - Finding Your Ideal Bra Fit

October 12, 2022

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and breast health, we asked the fitters at Storm in A-G Cup to give us a few pointers about finding the ideal bra fit to avoid the knock-on effects that can be caused by an ill-fitting bra.

DIFRAX: How does wearing the correct bra size and type of bra promote good breast health?

STORM IN A-G CUP: Wearing the wrong size bra may cause headaches due to pressure on the neck and shoulders. A lump can also form due to irritation from an ill-fitting bra or underwire digging into your chest.

DIFRAX: What tips would you give someone on finding their ideal fit and support in a bra?

STORM IN A-G CUP: Have a professional fitting. It will save you a lot of frustration. A bra is meant to feel comfortable on your body. Never let the size on the tag get you down. If it bothers you, cut the tag off. 

DIFRAX: During pregnancy and breastfeeding, when your bra size is fluctuating, how do you select the correct size?

STORM IN A-G CUP: As a fitter, we usually see ladies go up one band size and two cup sizes during pregnancy, but everybody is different. When you feel your bra is getting too tight and you have done all the obvious things like loosened your back band to the last hook, then come in for a fitting. You could purchase hook extensions to help before you decide to purchase your feeding bras. For breastfeeding we can also alter your regular bra to a feeding bra.  

correct bra fitDIFRAX: Which bras would you recommend for women who have sensitivity or cysts?

STORM IN A-G CUP: Again, we would need to see the client first as there is no straight forward rule of thumb here.  We have a sister company called LIKEB4 who specialises in mastectomy products and post-operative bras. We would advise against underwire bras and recommend a soft bra with no rigid moulding.

DIFRAX: Tell us a bit about your role at Storm in A-G Cup.

STORM IN A-G CUP: As a fitter, we always want to see you in your current bra. We pick up on the common mistakes straight away like spilling over of cups, straps digging into shoulders and we work from there. You will be surprised how wearing the right bra can change and improve your silhouette. Being fitted for a bra is quite an intimate situation, so making our clients feel completely comfortable is key here and to educate them on what to look out for and how to put a bra on properly.

DIFRAX: What are a few tips you have for women in Breast Cancer Awareness Month?


  • Get fitted! Get fitted! Get fitted!
  • Don’t look at the numbers on the tag with regards to size.
  • Bras can be expensive, so how you care for your bra is also key. 
  • Your support is not in your shoulder straps, but actually in your back band.