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Mom Talk - Taryn Ulster

May 25, 2022

Taryn Ulster, @3boys.and.2lilmiss, parent blogger and mom of five, gives us valuable feedback about how the anti-colic S-bottle has assisted her with pace feeding while multi-tasking a busy family life.

DIFRAX: Which Difrax product has helped you and your family?

TARYN: I (or rather my husband or mom) have been using the anti-colic S-bottle to feed expressed breastmilk to my now 4 month old when I’m out and not able to breastfeed her. As a breastfed baby with a unique personality, she will not take a pacifier, unlike my other children. She dislikes all the artificial teats that we’ve tried, but from the first time we tried the Difrax S-bottle she accepted it and drank from the bottle with ease.

DIFRAX: How did the anti-colic S-bottle help you with pace feeding?

 TARYN: As a well-seasoned breastfeeding mom, I am aware that babies do not drink the same amounts of breastmilk compared to formula fed babies. As a very cautious bottle user, I looked into ways to further ensure that my baby does not prefer a bottle over breast, which can happened when they become ‘lazy’, for lack of a better word, because the milk comes out faster and requires less work from a bottle than the breast. 

With my third baby, almost 7 years ago, I came across paced feeding. My mom who was and still is our carer and nanny for our babies, uses it when I am not able to breastfeed while I'm out or working. While this can be done with most regular baby bottles, when I discovered the S-bottle I just knew it would be a game changer because of the unique shape that allows one to more comfortably hold the bottle while still ensuring that you allow your baby to work to extract the milk as they would when breastfeeding. I especially love how the S-shape allows you to easily feed the last bit of milk, while still pace feeding and avoiding waste.

DIFRAX: Tell us a bit about you and your family, and how you juggle being a mom of five.

TARYN: As you can imagine, having five kids can be challenging at times, but as crazy as it sounds it’s the chaotic and noisy moments that we often miss. Now, four months into our new normal, we’ve all found a nice rhythm of morning routines, school pick-ups, extra mural activities, weekend social engagements and chilling in our pyjamas.

Most of all, it takes a village to raise kids. The support of my husband and my mom (ma Pam to the kids) who lives with us and helps with the kids on a daily basis, is essential. Then there’s my in-laws, often taking the four older kids overnight for fun sleep overs and play dates. Even our weekends, when not filled with social engagements like kids birthday parties, are spent with our extended family. All this helps keep us sane in our parenting journey. The balance between work and play is about always favouring quality family time when you get the chance. We’re not perfect at it, but it’s our end goal.