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More about My little Morphée

October 16, 2023
Angie Herrmann

My Little Morphée

  • Accompanies the child towards a more serene sleep
  • Allows them to return to calm at any time of the day
  • Improves the concentration of the child
  • Allows the child to manage their emotions
  • 100% disconnected without waves and without screens
  • Nomadic and easy to transport, thanks to its wooden handle

What's included in My Little Morphée

  • 128 soothing stories in which children set out to discover a resource, guided by an animal of their choice.
  • 32 meditations that allow children to manage their emotions and gain self-confidence
  • 16 nature sounds (purring of the cat, sound of the sea, fire in the fireplace...)
  • 16 soft music specially composed for My Little Morphée

My Little Morphée contains 192 sessions split into 5 themes

  • Meditative journeys: soothing stories guided by animals.
  • Soft music tracks composed by Gilles Maugenest.
  • Nature sounds recorded in different places in the world.
  • Solo meditations.
  • Group meditations to follow along with friends and family.

How does My Little Morphée work?

Lying comfortably in bed or sitting in a calm and quiet place, choose a session out of 192 possible combinations.



With the first key

Choose the theme of the session.


With the second key

Choose the universe you want to travel to (island, desert, forest…)


Then with the hourglass

Choose the duration of your session.