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The Dads behind the Brand - Sprout

June 17, 2022

In celebration of Father's Day this Sunday we bring you our segment of "The Dads behind the brand" showcasing the skilled and creative dads out there who run local businesses that inspire.

 This one is close to home, as we introduce you to the three partners of @northvca; Olivier van der Schroeff, Mike Bond and Gavin Williams, who head this brand design consultancy with forward thinking and on-the-pulse creative skills.⁠

The business was founded by Olivier, the business director, and Mike, the creative director in 2014. Together they started an agency that creates eye-catching and thought-provoking ad campaigns and brand identities. ⁠Gavin joined in 2017 as the third partner and the "word wizard" who weaves these wonderful concepts together with copy and creatively directs content along with Mike.⁠ North went on to become an agency that creates the blueprint of a business, guiding brands with anything from their names to their voice, visual identities and brand stories. They also create campaigns and content that inherently add value to the brand, helping them to reach their business objectives. ⁠

North VCA developed the Difrax campaign last season with Gavin's baby daughter Willow featuring as one of the adorable faces on the campaign.⁠

The concept of Sprout came about as a platform to bring considered, well designed and innovative products into South Africa. The first brand on the Sprout site is Difrax, and so there is a special connection and history between Difrax and North VCA, with Sprout guiding the brand into the South African market.⁠

A round of applause for the dads of North!