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Difrax S-Bottle Wide (310ml)



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For years, The Difrax S-baby bottle Wide 310 ml has been the most popular baby bottle amongst babies, mums and dads due to the unique anti-colic valve and the S-shaped bottle. The combination of these two special features ensures a constant and regular flow of nutrition without the baby gulping the milk down. The S-baby bottle anti-colic can be used from birth and is a well-proven combination with breastfeeding. Also suitable for milk formula.

  • Reduces the risk of colic, vomiting and burping
  • The ergonomic shape encourages a natural feeding position
  • Ideal for combining bottle feeding and breastfeeding

The distinctive S-baby bottle can be used immediately after birth for both full-term and premature babies. With its unscrewable base, the S-baby bottle is easy to clean and fill with cubes of frozen breast milk.

The S-bottle 310 ml has a patented anti-colic system at the bottom for prevention of intestinal cramps, burps and spitting. Thanks to the vent, together with the unique S-shape, the air is mixed with food so that nutritional values and vitamins C, A and E stay optimally preserved. The constant supply of air from the bottom of the S-bottle prevents vacuum so that your baby can drink without any problems

When feeding with the S-bottle you are automatically in the correct, natural position. Even when the bottle is almost empty, the teat is still completely filled with milk so the food can be given in the same position. This makes every feeding moment from beginning to end a relaxing moment for you and your child.

Before each use, we advise you to check whether the tiny air hole in the center of the valve is open by squeezing it several times.

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