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The new Cotton Candy collection from Difrax consists of fresh, cheerful transparent colours.

The Difrax Natural Pacifier, semi-filled for 12+ months fulfils your baby's sucking need. The pacifier nozzle is round and convex-shaped, making it ideally suited for children who are able to turn the pacifier around in their mouth. It has a large shield and a semi-filled teat, specially designed for 12+ months old babies.

The unique pacifier has a butterfly-shaped shield ensuring a perfect fit to your baby's face. The recess for the nose enables your child to breathe freely through the nose. Two air holes on each side provide additional airflow, preventing skin irritation.

The size of the pacifier shield has been specially developed for children from 12 to about 20 months. To naturally diminish the sucking need resulting in the first steps towards giving up the pacifier.

Perform a daily check on the dummy by pulling firmly at the teat, to ensure that it remains undamaged.

This pacifier was developed in collaboration with physicians and is suitable for use from 12 to around 20 months. Its butterfly-shaped shield has multiple holes that keep your young one’s nose free for easy breathing and prevent skin irritation, and its soft silicone teat is easy and pleasant to accept. The nozzle on the teat is slightly firmer than that of the 6+ months pacifier and softer than that of the 18+ months pacifier.

This helps to gradually decrease your young one’s need for a pacifier as they grow. This pacifier is part of our Cotton Candy collection, meaning it comes in a range of fresh, cheerful, near-transparent colours. Note: Difrax recommends replacing your baby's pacifier every six weeks and checking it for damage daily before use by pulling firmly on the nozzle. If it’s damaged at all, replace it immediately.

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