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How to Choose the Perfect S-Bottle for Your Baby | Difrax Baby Bottle Guide

October 16, 2023

Nothing comes close to the love we feel for our kids, which is why we only want the best for them. Well, the Difrax S-Bottle is the best anti-colic baby bottle there is. It’s specially designed to prevent colic, reflux, and vomiting, stimulate a comfortable natural feeding position, and make sure your little one has a pleasant, nutritious feed every time. There are two types of S-Bottle — Natural and Wide – and they come in different sizes. We’re here to help you figure out which one is the right choice for your baby.

Natural and Wide S-Bottles

The S-Bottle Natural

This award-winning baby bottle is favoured by kids and parents alike. It’s uniquely shaped to stimulate a comfortable natural feeding position for your baby and ensure a constant and regular flow of nutrition that makes feeding easy and pleasant for both of you. Its slim shape makes it easy to hold, and it comes with a proprietary anti-colic valve that reduces the risk of colic, vomiting, burping, and reflux. The base is unscrewable for easy, thorough cleaning and wide enough to fit cubes of frozen breast milk. The S-Bottle Natural is suitable for use from birth for both full-term and premature babies and is proven to be useful in combination with breastfeeding. 

The S-bottle Natural is available in 170 ml and 250 ml sizes.


Which size S-Bottle should I choose?

Natural S-Bottles come in 170 ml and 250 ml models and Wide S-Bottles come in 200 ml and 310 ml models. The smaller-sized variety of Natural and Wide S-Bottles (170 ml and 200 ml, respectively) are typically used early on in your baby’s life – from birth. After a while, they will begin to drink more and require a larger bottle. When you notice the smaller bottles no longer fully satisfy their hunger, switch to the Natural 250 ml or the Wide 310 ml S-Bottle.

The Silicone Bottle Teat

All S-Bottles come with a safe, soft-coated silicone bottle teat that’s comfortable for your young one and easy for them to accept. They’re tasteless, odourless, easy to clean, and safe for use even for kids with latex allergies. S-Bottles come with a standard size S bottle teat.

Please note: Difrax bottle teats come in different sizes to best suit your young one’s suction power and the type of food you use. Click here to find out which teat is best for your young one.


The Difrax S-bottle is recommended by parents and professionals

80% of professionals recommend the Difrax S-bottle for your baby*
78% of users of the Difrax S-bottle report fewer colic cramps in their children*
46% of Dutch parents use a Difrax S-bottle*

Over 80% of birth care professionals recommend the Difrax S-Bottle to the families they care for*. The reason is simple: S-Bottles are designed specifically to prevent colic, work well in combination with breastfeeding, and are suitable for use from birth. S-Bottles are also extremely hygienic. They’re completely disassemblable for easy cleaning and made of suitable, safe materials for children.

The Difrax S-Bottle is rated 8/10 by professionals and parents.

* The figures quoted are based on consumer research conducted by WIJ Special Media amongst 1886 participants and an online survey conducted by Difrax BV at and More than 160 maternity nurses and 100 obstetricians took part in the research.