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Mom Talk - Lindi Koekemoer

March 13, 2024

 As part of the nurturing trio behind Brave Little Baby, Lindi is a compassionate child and infant sleep guru, guiding parents through the journey of creating healthy bedtime routines. As a dedicated mum, wife and entrepreneur, Lindi appreciates the fine balance between familial responsibilities and the pursuit of her passion. In honour of World Sleep Day this Friday, she shares her insight into her motherhood journey and her go-to strategies for sweet dreams.


After recently having your third child, what have you learnt to do differently?


This time round I am far more relaxed and less anxious about the little things. It’s a shift that not only benefits me, but creates a more relaxed atmosphere for my baby, and it’s my mission to help all new moms to experience this too. I am very mindful of her sleep, but there is a certain amount of flexibility required with the third child.


Lindi - Brave Little Baby 

Tell us a bit about yourself and your practice as a baby and child sleep coach.


Being such a big baby lover, I assumed parenting would be a breeze with my firstborn, and to my surprise it turned out to be quite the opposite! Motivated by my love for learning, I delved into resources on sleep and growth, striving to equip myself with the knowledge needed to be the best mom possible. Our second baby arrived, and things were easier, but my second born was a different cup of tea. Thankfully, my cousin and business partner, Zanda, helped me establish a solid sleep routine with her from early on, and she turned out to be a really good sleeper!

Today we’ve helped over a one thousand families reclaim their sleep, reduce anxiety and be fully present in their parenting journey. Our passion for sleep extends to every age group, recognising its importance for everyone.


Is there a certain amount of sleep that a newborn should get per day, and how does this compare to their toddler stage?


Oh yes! One of the key things I only learnt later on in parenting is how much newborns sleep; only waking for 45-60 minutes in the first weeks for feeds, nappies and a bit of bonding. They are also only awake for short periods during the night, so sleep is staggered throughout a 24-hour day, whereas toddlers (defined as 2 years and up) ideally sleep for a maximum of 1-2 hours during the day (or not at all) - a crucial shift we aim for to consolidate the night time sleep during these formative years.

 Difrax newborn pacifier and S-Bottle

What are your top 3 tips for parents trying to get their little ones off to bed in a more structured way?


  1. Start with a bedtime routine as soon as possible (ideally from 4 months old). Incorporate a couple of key steps into the routine that will signal that it’s sleep time, like a bath or bedtime story.
  2. The day can get quite long for toddlers if bedtime stretches beyond 7:30pm, and bear in mind that an overtired child is not easy to get to bed. Be mindful of a baby’s nap schedule, and if they didn’t get as much sleep as they should have during the day, ensure you get them to bed early to avoid tantrums and tears! 
  3. When it comes to older children (2yrs +) offering them choices can avoid power struggles. Allow them the autonomy to make choices such as what pyjamas to wear, but reaffirm firm boundaries such as sticking to one book. 


What are your top products from Sprout Store and why?

So glad you said Sprout “products” and not just one!

Currently, during the newborn phase I am loving the Difrax pacifier cloth. It’s safe to use in the cot, ensures the pacifier is secure, and is a good way of introducing sensory stimulation.

The Difrax anti-colic S-bottles are also amazing. I have given my six week old pumped breastmilk with these baby bottles and the winds are even less than when she feeds directly from me! 

I am also excited to move over to the Difrax 360 Degree non-spill toddler cup, because I know for certain they are 100% non-spill! 

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