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The Benefits of Using a Pacifier for Your Baby | Difrax Pacifier Guide

May 3, 2024

Babies are born with a strong innate urge to suck. This is a natural behaviour designed to stimulate their mother’s milk production, make latching during breastfeeding easy, and calm them down – sucking has been proven to effectively lower babies’ heart rates, blood pressure, and stress levels. Pacifiers fulfil this natural suckling need and offer a sense of comfort, safety, and peace – even when you’re not there.

Pacifier vs. thumb sucking

There are several reasons why pacifiers are a better choice for your baby than thumb-sucking:

  • Pacifiers are kinder to the teeth than thumbs are
  • Pacifiers are more hygienic than thumbs
  • Pacifiers are safer for your baby to put in their mouth than thumbs
  • Your baby will fall asleep more peacefully with a pacifier and will turn onto their tummy less quickly, reducing the risk of infant death
  • It’s easier for your baby to quit using a pacifier than to quit thumb-sucking

The benefits of Difrax pacifiers

Difrax’s pacifier range has been developed to suit the needs of babies from a premature stage to over a year. Difrax pacifiers:

  • Have a butterfly-shaped shield that leaves your baby’s nose free for breathing and prevents skin irritations
  • Are tasteless, odourless and allergy-free
  • Are developed in collaboration with speech therapists and dentists
  • Grow along with your child’s age and sucking needs
  • Are pleasant and easy to accept
  • Come in a range of colours – even glow-in-the-dark

Difrax pacifiers for different ages

The Difrax range consists of five different-sized pacifiers, spanning from pacifiers just for newborns to ones for kids over a year old. Regardless of age, Difrax pacifiers offer comfort and safety. The size of the shield and teat of each pacifier varies according to its age category to ensure your baby is comfortable using their pacifier as they grow. The teat also becomes more solid as the size increases, so it stays proportional to your child’s developing jaw and sucking strength.

Please note that Difrax recommends replacing your child’s pacifier every six weeks and checking for damage every time before they use it by firmly pulling the suction area. If the pacifier is damaged, replace it immediately. They also recommend starting to wean your child off their pacifier as soon as they start biting on it.

Recommended by parents

91% of parents gave Difrax pacifiers a good to excellent rating**
93% of parents would recommend Difrax to their friends, family, or colleagues*

One mother says: “It’s great! The pacifier is hip and trendy. I love the variation in designs. It’s a good fit for my little girl and offers her the right amount of comfort when she needs it.”

*These results are based on a customer satisfaction survey carried out on in December 2017. 

**Based on a total of reviews of Difrax pacifiers on in December 2017.